Booking Hotels Online – Travel Industry Secrets on Finding the Best Discount Hotel Deals

Booking hotels online today has never been easier. There are many reliable Internet-based travel related websites available right at your fingertips. But how and when to find the best hotel deals is sometimes more important than where to find the best deals. Here in this article we’ll explore several factors for finding the best room rates for where ever you are traveling to.

Booking hotels from online travel agencies verses directly from hotels – Which is Better?

Any company like, or are online reservation agencies. These agencies work with hotels, airlines and car rental services on a bulk wholesale basis. In this case these companies are able to offer better room rates than hotels directly simply because they have a greater presence on the Internet than any one hotel property. Hotels recognize that partnering with an agency with deep room discounts means that they can get more guests to fill their hotel’s room quota. So if you book through any online travel agency the savings are passed on to travelers.

Book hotels in low season, it’s cheaper – Or is it?

Regardless of high season or low season hotels have to keep a certain amount of rooms filled just to keep up with working cost. A large number of unfilled rooms during any season is the kiss of death for a hotel. And this can happen to any hotel, big or small. The funny thing is hotels will not deeply slash their room rates if you check their website because they have to appear business as usual. However, hotels will send out notices of last-minute hotel sales to online travel agencies so that they can promote them.

How to find the best hotel deals?

The best thing to do is to find a local hotel reservation agency that has an office in the country or region you want to visit. I don’t recommend companies such as or any other similar service that offers discounts on hotels, plane tickets and car rentals. It is better to stick strictly with a company that specializes in reserving hotel rooms only.

To get the best hotel deals search out a local hotel reservation agency and don’t worry about high season rates as you can often find last-minute hotel deals from companies that are based in the region you are traveling to.

To find more reliable hotel reservation agencies visit Best Websites to Book Hotels Online for a review of some of the most popular Internet travel agencies on the web.

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Why Online Sites Have Taken Over The Travel Industry

Like everything else, the internet has transformed the way people travel. It is essentially a free and accessible travel agent, and sites have developed in such a way as to give the public an unprecedentedly easy time booking vacations on their own. Not only is it easier to do in the past, where would-be-vacationers needed to go through a travel agent or else take a risk making a lot of uneducated guesses about their accommodations.

The travel industry has very resourcefully adapted to the internet. It’s impossible to be a hotel now without having a website, or at the very least there is a range of information about the hotel on another website about hotels in the area. Not only contact and rate information, but testimonials and pictures abound. Before you get there, you’ll have a pretty clear and reliable picture of what you’re accommodations will look like. Just look into it before-hand a little bit, which is much easier to do with the internet than in the days without it, and you’re satisfaction will be assured.

Another benefit of the internet is the freedom it gives you to compare pricings. When going through a travel agency in the past, the bulk of the research was in their hands. It needed to be, since the research then was onerous. But now it’s simple to see the rates of neighbouring prices for the same time, and so you’re in control of your budget. It’s easy to find a wide range of options to suit your budget and the way you like to travel, and you click the one that works best.

Finally, the internet gets you connected to a host of deals and last minute pricings that you would otherwise not know about. If a flight leaves with empty seats, or if a hotel room remains vacant for a night, they lose money unnecessarily, and knowing this they entice last minute vacationers with ultra- low rates.

These will be hard to come across in peak times when everyone is vacationing, but it never hurts to see if there are special rates available. Take the first step by signing up: there are a number of mailing lists that will send you e-mails directly when special offers arise. This is just one more way that the internet has changed the way people travel.

If the internet has only altered, as opposed to transformed, the way people travel, you’d only see a small or medium percentage of hotels and travel packages advertised online. But the fact that they’re all there reliably indicates that there’s no going back. If you’re unfamiliar with the internet, you’ll be happy to learn it’s intuitive and simple to use. And if you’re a serious traveller, you must already know that booking your trip basically requires some time online. It’s a welcome innovation, as it’s never been easier to get anywhere and everywhere around the world! It’s all in your hands.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming Involved in the Travel Industry

People love to visit new and exciting places for a holiday or rest. Often they have to visit other unfamiliar places because of work, too. Making connections and plans for these visits can be a difficult task, and not very many people have the time to make them. A job helping people to plan for their visits to different destinations can be rewarding for the client and for you.

Jobs are challenging. The tourism and travel industry is always facing certain challenges that need to be met. These changes will make you become a more efficient and productive worker. You will encounter situations that will cause you to adapt quickly and appropriately. Your job will never be boring, and you will be gaining valuable skills to help you along the way.

There is lots of on-the-job training. If you work in an agency, the agency may pay for your training. Most employers will offer some type of on-the job training, even if it isn’t a full program. Everything you learn you will be able to directly apply to your career. Other workers must take programs that don’t seem to naturally fit in with their chosen careers, but this will not be the case for you.

You can change lives. Sending people on a well-planned and designed trip that they’ve been dreaming about for ages is very gratifying. You will feel proud of yourself and what you can do for thousands of people over the course of your career. People will begin to trust you as their only source to help them plan their vacations and trips.

You are working in a sustainable industry. People will always want to visit other places. It is in their nature. Your career is here to stay. You should never have to feel threatened if you build up a solid clientele and treat people fairly and with respect. You can build a name for yourself, and then you will watch the rest fall neatly into place over time.

You may be able to take advantage of your own job. Other people aren’t the only ones that deserve to take a holiday. You can take a holiday, too. You can most likely find discounts with hotels, airlines, and other travel arrangements just because you have connections and know how to get the best deals. This is very rewarding for yourself and your family.

You may receive a commission. Many agencies will allow you to make a commission based on certain criteria. If your employer allows this, then you will have an even greater incentive to draw clients in. Rewards for hard work are overlooked in a lot of industries, but not in this type of industry. Speak with your employer about commissions to see what is available to you.

You are unlikely to be replaced by technology. While many new travel websites are popping up all over the Internet, technology is actually the least of your worries. While some people may turn to these websites for very small trips, it cannot replace a human being when planning an extensive or expensive trip.

Technology still cannot replicate a person’s understanding of another individual. It cannot grasp the knowledge that can only come from experience, understanding, and trust. You offer that comfort to clients who turn to you for advice, honesty, and trust in planning time away.

Considering this type of career is absolutely wonderful when you look at the big picture and what you will gain from it. No other career can offer such a great opportunity to connect to others through the positive experiences of exploring new and exciting places.

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Benefits of Topnotch SEO for Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels are always looking for ways to generate more business. It is quite interesting to note that hotel executives and managers are now corroborating with online marketing experts who have the knowledge and skills to help them get the message across to their target customers.

Help from SEO companies

Today, some of the most successful companies involved in the search for generating more leads find what they are looking for in companies that offer expertise on search engine optimization or SEO. Why? Because these are the companies that can help boost brand recognition in the digital age.

Taking a hotel business to the next level is not as simple as it used to be. Traditional marketing methods still work, but they are nearly not enough to reach target sales values. Countless businesses are now seeking out SEO companies that have innovative, holistic, and lead-generating ideas because potential customers are taking to the Internet to find places to stay when they go on vacation. A good SEO strategy improves the placement of a company in the search engine results pages, thus making them more visible and readily accessible to potential customers.

Internet marketing and the hotel industry

Booking accommodations online is now second nature to travelers and vacationers. The boom in the hotel and resorts industry in the past few years can be attributed in part to the digital revolution, which now allows companies to reach out to a bigger marketplace, and customers to communicate directly with brands. It is therefore not surprising that hundreds of hotels and resorts have incorporated Web marketing efforts targeting a global audience in their strategy, with the long-term goal of fostering brand loyalty.

Internet marketing methods allow even small hotels and startups to reach a wider audience. Offering online services such motel reservations and vacation packages to Web browsers and search engine users have helped numerous companies in generating significant leads without having to spend thousands of dollars on promotional initiatives. Quick results at very low cost-this is essentially what Internet marketing offers the hotel industry.

Availing of web design and optimization solutions

Knowing what it takes to succeed is the first step. The next step is to look for a search engine optimization company that delivers results. Waiting another day is only throwing away business and losing clients to the competition. There are affordable advertising solutions guaranteed to help generate business that you may avail right now.

The best companies out there provide professional-level services that include core activities such as content management, reputation management, competitive analysis, mobile and tablet design, and conversion-optimized web design. Online marketing professionals can provide both useful advice and web design services geared towards better site optimization.

If you are aiming to achieve a good balance between the appearance, content and navigability of your hotel’s site with its visibility to search engines, then dependable search engine optimization services can definitely point you in the right direction. Optimization is a collaborative process that needs your active participation. Many of your competitors are already working with online marketing experts of their choice. You need to take the first step today if you want to remain relevant and competitive.

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Creating Senior Tours For Expatriate Living Prospects is a New Travel Industry Niche

Creating tours for the senior population who are considering an expatriate living experience is a new niche for the travel industry and one which has a lot of potential. As a tourist professional, if you are not yet participating in this niche market, now is a good time to add it to your offerings. The chief prerequisite is to be familiar with the general needs of the target population, and to have specific knowledge of or contacts in the prospective retirement locations in which you have interests.

The target group for this niche is not homogenous, but the prospective clients generally share a set of common needs. In most cases the need for specific information on a destination is more important than general knowledge about expatriate living. Living abroad requires fulfilling the same basic needs as in the home location plus any needs that may be specific to the new destination. The travel programs offered can be designed around these needs and are best begun by offering programs to the top rated retiree destinations.

There are numerous lists each year of the top ten retiree destinations. The organizations which make these lists take into consideration various criteria and the lists seldom have the same countries ranked in the same order. However, the top ten generally share most of the same destinations, but not necessarily in the same order. In the 2010 top ten lists, only one country, Panama, showed up on all four of the lists that I analyzed. Some of the topics that have to be included about their destination country follow.

What are the qualifications for entry, and is the country presently accepting new applicants?
What are the visa requirements and do they meet them? This includes personal and financial considerations.
They need to know specifics on housing, health care, educational institutions, banking institutions, and cost of living
Can they survive using only their native language or is the culture and language so different that they would have to learn the language first?
Is there a public transportation system readily accessible to all areas of interest in the country or would they need a car?

These questions are only a few of the many that have to be answered. To plan a comprehensive tour that caters to prospective expatriates, the training necessary to answer these basic questions must be included for them along with the specific travel arrangements.

Tour directors and tourist agencies are experts at hotel and travel arrangements, but might need a little more training in the prerequisite details for living abroad to provide a comprehensive experience to these new clients. It is here where establishing contacts with individuals or organizations possessing the specific knowledge base in the prospective destinations can make all the difference in the degree of success attained. If you are not already including this niche population in your planning, now is a good time to at least consider it.

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Adventure Travel An Exciting And Enthralling Experience

You often hear people talking about adventure travel and that makes you wonder as to what adventure travel actually is. It is something by which u can add adventure and fun to your life. So before going for an adventure travel, you must know what it is. Adventure travel doesn’t mean that you have to endanger your life for your trip to be called adventurous!

The term adventurous is a concept that is not defined physically when you talk about adventure travel. This concept is defined psychologically. Different people have different definitions of adventure. Earlier adventure travel meant going abroad or just traveling to different places. However, its definition has changed today. Adventure travel is when you experience an event rather than being a mere spectator in your travels. It is actually living in the present and experiencing the place and not just sight seeing.

Adventure is different for everyone. What may appear adventurous to you could be totally boring for someone. And that is reason that there are so many options available if you want to go for adventure travel. You can choose the one which suits you, and more importantly the one which excites you! White water rafting or kayaking can be fun for someone. On the other hand camping in an interesting place can de defined as adventurous by some people. Hot air balloon ride may sound boring to you but it can be the perfect adventure travel for some.

Adventure travel is when you get yourself involved in an enthralling experience. It includes boating, kayaking, hiking, sky diving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, sailing, bicycling and much more! You should not indulge yourself into any form of adventure travel in which you are not comfortable. The level of risk in your travel is defined by you just like term adventure is defined individually. Adventure travel is getting yourself engaged into a new experience but make sure that you are totally comfortable in what you are doing.

You can choose a tour if you wish to go for adventure travel. Such adventure travel tours are available for couples and families. But don’t worry in case you are single, adventure tours are also available for you. So you can make a plan for an adventure tour. You can choose a tour which suits you best. These tours usually have two groups of people. One group goes on sight seeing and visits their areas of interest, whereas the other group involves itself in adventurous activities. Of course the type of activity depends on the tour which you have selected.

It is a misconception that adventure travel is only for the younger people. You can indulge yourself into it irrespective of your age. Adventure travel is enjoyed by one and all. It’s not uncommon to see an old couple getting engaged in adventurous activities. Having worked hard throughout their life, they want o experience something new and enthralling. You can meet people from all quarters of life in adventure travel. Now, meeting different people from different backgrounds can itself be very adventurous!

You can choose an adventure travel which excites you. It can simply be going out of the country to some distant place or maybe engaging yourself in bunjee jumping. Whichever activity you choose, just make sure that you are comfortable in it, for there will be no fun and no adventure if you are not comfortable!

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10 Tips For European Travel Planning

1. Keep your money safe – Certain parts of Europe are known for their thieves and pick-pockets that target tourists. Consider bringing along a money belt which you can fasten beneath your clothing to keep your money safe. You should also budget accordingly so you never carry more cash than you need in a single day.

2. Create an itinerary – Leave it with friends and family members back home. It should list your flight information, the address and phone numbers of the hotels or hostels you’ll be staying at, and your travel plans once you’re in Europe.

3. Compile contact information – This includes all important phone numbers such as your credit card companies and where you’ll be staying throughout the trip. In the event you needed to report a lost credit card or call your hotel in advance, you have the information you need.

4. Plan how you will travel within Europe – If you’ll be traveling between various European countries, you may find flying point-to-point saves you time and money. If you’ll be traveling within a specific country or region, traveling by train may be more practical.

5. Know common words and phrases of the language – Knowing a few simple words such as “train” and “bathroom” may be all you need to get around. Also, in many places if you simply say “English” you can find natives who speak English.

6. Make and confirm all your lodging reservations – When making reservations, make sure you include all key information in your reservation requests including the type of room you want, how many nights you’ll be staying, and any special requests you may have. A few days before your scheduled departure, call ahead to confirm your reservations.

7. Know the weather – What’s the seasonal climate like where you will be traveling? Make sure you pack accordingly and consider packing in layers so you can easily dress according to the weather once you’re there.

8. Know the U.S. Embassies – If your passport is lost or stolen, you’ll need to get a new one through the U.S. Embassy so make sure you know where it is located in each country you will be visiting.

9.Do your homework – If you don’t have much time and you’re not sure which cities and sites you should visit, read up on your destination online. Reviews written by other travelers can be a valuable source for your European travel planning.

10. Create a route and time-line – Determine a logical geographical order of the places you will visit and when to ensure you make the most of your time in Europe.

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Adventure Travel Agents Provide Great Benefits For Your Adventure Travel

Adventure travel agents make any travel possible and help you to enjoy your travel even more. Traveling is a way of exploring and experiencing what a particular place can offer, and all the things that can be really adventurous. However, travel will not be successful without adventure travel agents.

Planning to have an adventure travel can be confusing and time consuming. That’s why it is important to hire a travel agent. Looking for an expert agent that specializes in adventure travel is important for the success of your travel. They are the ones who will help you in making your plan for your adventure. The agent will not only arrange the various means of transportation but they may be able also to let you save money with special fares, early bookings, accommodation deals, and travel advisories. Not only that, there are also great benefits that you can get when you use a travel agent such as:

* Save Money- agents will really get great savings. With the strong relationships of the travel suppliers and the advancement in technology for computer reservations allow travel agents to access the most up-to-date details on how to get you the best deals and value.

* Travelers Advocate- your best interests are their priority. There are societies of travel agents in America that have a long-standing record on fighting for their clients’ rights, and every travel agent is required to stick to the strict Code of Ethics.

* Convenience- adventure travel agents really provide convenience for their customers. They are the ones that will provide all the things that you need for your travel. They mostly offer one-stop shopping travel arrangements.

* Great Service- agents are knowledgeable and active in their service. The travel agents are well educated and trained in order for them to offer the highest quality of service to the costumer.

With these benefits, your adventure will definitely be exciting and successful. Your personal agent will really work for you and will do everything just to provide you with your travel needs. An adventure travel agent is absolutely the best travel partner that you can have.

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Top 5 Risks Travellers Face in Adventure Travel

Sun basking on the beach with glass of cocktail in the hand may not be an ideal holiday style for everybody, thus a new form of holidaying – adventure sports holidays or adventure travel has become really popular. Adventure sports holidays are where travellers get an opportunity to try their hands at adrenal gushing and challenging activities such as mountain climbing, exploring caves, mountain biking, rafting, bungee jumping etc.

Because of its popularity, adventure travel coupled with adventure sports has become a part of the itinerary of almost all camping sites, resorts and hotels around the world that wish to provide their clients with something extra to do on their stay with there. Inclusion of adventure sports surely adds excitement and thrill to a traveller’s halt, but this comes with potential dangers which loom high on personal safety.

Top five risks involved in adventure travel are listed below:

1. All adventure activities and sports include dedicated gear, which is vital and should be used at all time while carrying out an activity. The gear is properly tested before use and almost all activities are carried out in a close observation of an instructor, whose main motive is to maintain your safety and make sure you adhere to all the safety requirements, but there can be a small chance that the safety equipment may fail. Therefore, safety is always an issue with adventure activities.

2. Mountain climbing can be a risky affair because as you travel uphill, the density of the oxygen in the air keeps decreasing which makes breathing difficult. If first aid is not administered, this can lead to chest pain and acute headaches, which if untreated, can lead to heart attack.

3. Mountain biking can be fun until cyclists try to do a little extra. Mountain bikers are at a risk of altitude sickness (as discussed in risk of mountain climbing above) and are also very prone to accidents because of the rough terrains selected for biking.

4. When you hit the water in a raft, you are always wearing a life jacket and are accompanied by an instructor. But the river current can flip you off the boat. Thus, while rafting you’re always at the risk of drowning or injuring yourself in the water.

5. Caving or cave exploration is one of the most thrilling adventure activities. Activity depends on the cave and how travellers negotiate squeezes, pitches, waters and rocks. Though caving has become safer with safety equipment but still travellers and adventurers are at risk of falling rocks, floods, falling, hypothermia and fatigue.

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Top Adventure Travel Companies In The World

Here are few best adventure travel organizations that provide a discriminating and interesting range of adventurous traveling plans. Hiking the Inca Trail, biking in Morocco and rafting through Grand Canyon are simply the shortest sample of experiences these organizations could provide customers. All their sites list specific adventurous trips, with elaborated travel plans, cost and pictures.

Gap adventures:

This company provides a choice of about 1,200 adventurous trip plans to all 7 continents. To find some discount rates on fascinating tours check out their “Specials” section.

Geographic Expeditions Adventure tours:

This company provides the portfolio of land trips, walks, treks and military ocean trips to the most impressive places in the world, ranging right from travels in Nepal, China and Vietnam to Ghana and Mongolia.

Austin-Lehman adventurous trips:

If you are anticipating adventurous traveling trips that children of all ages could enjoy, or tours only for you or for adolescents, consider this company. Austin-Lehman offers the hike, bike, paddle, climb, ride and Multi-Sport tours– visit such beautiful destination such as Costa Rica, Alaska, Mexico, Bryce, Canada, Yosemite National Parks and Zion.

International Expeditions:

This company provides nature-tours and eco trips to different places comprising the Egypt, Amazon, India, Galapagos and Kenya. International Expeditions provides deep itineraries planned to explore the region’s mortal of the country.

Intrepid Travel:

This is the niche adventure travel company which concentrates on taking customers out-of-the-way track to about ninety place over the world. On this typical tour you could trip in paths similar to localized people, respecting the environment and the culture. This travel tour operator company takes generally public transport, stay and dines in small local-owned organizations.

Small adventurous trips with classic journeys:

This company is specializes in small-group, boutique and soft adventurous trip. Classic journeys functions 3 types of tours: family journeying, cultural walking adventures and culinary trips.

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